Alex informs Aria to use calling him once more, but not, Ezra cannot respond to

Archer revealed one to Mary had convinced your it was just what Charlotte would have need, plus it probably try – Charlotte loved Archer

On wedding, Ezra are shown are waiting Aria, and you can Alex observe while the Aria talks to their dad on what accomplish. It’s showed that Alex kidnapped Ezra and that is holding him prisoner in the same put since Spencer. Afterwards, Alison informs Aria (who’s coming to this lady place) you to definitely “Spencer” called which can be likely to render Aria something you should wear. Alex production following the marriage to talk to Spencer and you may greets the girl stating, “aye sis”. Spencer motions their fucks away from the woman sight and you may Alex imitates they.

Ezra calls out over Alex and you will says to their one to she doesn’t should do which, and you may Alex claims that she wishes privacy together with her sis and you may goes toward intimate the fresh new doorways. Ezra tells the lady to get rid of, and this he and you will Spencer understand this she turned A beneficial.D. Although not, Alex isn’t really curious and you may claims which they actually found shortly after and you may recites the text she told you within the Spencer’s sound, and Ezra is actually surprised. Alex shuts the doors and turns to face Spencer, whom says you to definitely she understands since she’s read her story, which she forgives this lady which her family often to help you – just like they performed that have Mona.

Alex scoffs at this, and you will Spencer states that this is not just on the Alex looking their friends, it’s about Toby too. Spencer requires if that’s what will happens second and this Alex can’t remain the woman closed out permanently. Alex cheerfully states one to she will be able to and that Spencer has actually Mary saying thanks to for the, and you can implies that Mary spared Spencer at the blind university and you may she is protecting the girl now. Spencer requires if this wasn’t only Jenna and Noel, it was Alex and you can Sydney too. Alex was amazed to hear Sydney’s name and you can claims that Sydney was just a single-away from. She claims you to definitely Sydney are stealing throughout the back and Alex heard about they, and you will Questionnaire fit the fresh new hoodie. Yet not, Jenna had her esteem, Jenna got informed Noel to find Alex as Jenna realized Charlotte got a cousin and that the brand new Carassimi Category was just the tip of iceberg, and you can Charlotte had left Alex everything. Jenna is struggling to find your final chance to select, and she don’t know who Alex are but accessible to assist the woman in return for Alex buying their treatments, and that failed, and you may Jenna turned useless to help you Alex.

Alex claims that Toby settled to own Yvonne – both understand it, now he is liberated to become together with his one real love – their

Spencer requires on Sara, that Alex states one to Charlotte told Sara that she hid the girl ideal cost into the Radley Sanitarium. Sara believe it absolutely was currency, however it was the newest document about Mary Drake’s boy one Spencer and her family discover. Alex says that Charlotte wanted try a household.

In the a good flashback, Charlotte can be seen speaking with Wren on the Alex. Charlotte claims one to she receive a dozen Alex Drake’s and you can none have been regarding the girl. Wren informs simply hold back until she observes their, hence Alex looks kind of like some one, not the woman. She sees Alex (that is just like Spencer) and you will Wren states that they are similar, to which Charlotte ends up from the stating, twins.

In the present, Alex claims that when it started speaking it failed to avoid. It went new avenue off Paris before sun came up, and additionally they felt like that they had recognized one another the entire life. She continues on to say that Charlotte came across Archer towards the airplane, and they become one of the largest like items Alex got previously seen and that Archer appreciated their. Spencer asks if the Archer is to your A good-Class as well, however, Alex quickly claims zero, and therefore this new stunt he pulled that have Alison was the your. Prior to Charlotte went back to help you Rosewood, Archer, Charlotte, Alex, and you will Wren did everything together, but sooner or later, Charlotte skipped the overall game.

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